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Rupes - Camper and Pulverizer SSPF - Sanders

Rupes - Camper and Pulverizer SSPF


Product Code: SSPF

Manufacturer: Rupes

Category: Sanders

Manufacturer Warranty: 1 Year

Availability: 1 to 3 days

Price: 395.00

Bargain for it!


  • The "favorite" sander they prefer to combine top-quality production with a highly productive sander for all surfaces.
  • Absolutely aligned with its shaft for less vibrations and a gear shaft for even greater power.
  • Ideal for upgrading and friction of demanding substrates with high demands
  • Metal, Plastic, Aluminum, Plexiglass, Polyester, Rusty, etc.
  • Industrial building materials such as plaster, concrete and marble


  • Power 350 Watt
  • 6000 RPM turns
  • Cam diameter 5mm
  • Tread dimensions 210x115 mm
  • Weight 3.6 kg
Rupes - Camper and Pulverizer SSPF - Sanders