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Fox - Electric Woodcutter 450W - Woodworking machines

Fox - Electric Woodcutter 450W


Product Code: F46-255

Manufacturer: Fox

Category: Woodworking machines

Manufacturer Warranty: 2 Years

Availability: 1 to 3 days

Price: 675.00

Bargain for it!


  • FOX F46-255 Woodcutter with a distance of 965 mm and can be turned up to diameter 300mm
  • Cast iron base that ensures robustness, precision and durability.
  • It features points, counterparts, tool carrier 300 and 150mm diameter blade holder.
  • Ability to handle large sized pieces thanks to the rotating head.
  • Cast iron base that guarantees robustness and rigidity during operation.
  • Speed controlled from 500 to 2000 rpm.
  • Ability to work 965mm in length and 300mm in diameter.
  • 450W engine with 10 speeds for maximum flexibility in use.
  • Rotating head that allows work on surfaces that protrude into large pieces.
  • Easy-to-use tool head.
  • The cast iron base absorbs vibrations, offering great ease of use and a high level of workmanship.
  • Optics in the points: Z9,5mm
  • Opposite to score points: Z9mm
  • Spot & Counter Slot: CM2
  • Thread to the retaining disc: M33
  • The 9 mm diameter hole at the mobile end allows the use of compatible tools, e.g. to make a long cable hole
  • With easy head rotation at 90 ° or 180 °, you can process large-sized pieces
  • Optional copier system available (code: FOX 46-945 not included)


  • Type F46-255
  • Voltage 230-1 Volt
  • Power 450 Watt
  • Speed 10 (500-2000 rpm)
  • Edge distance 965mm
  • Working diameter 300mm
  • Counterstrike track 50mm
  • Dimensions 1380X350X370mm
  • Weight 85 kg


  • Base
  • Odds and draws
  • Tool holder
  • 300mm diameter tool carrier
  • Disc for 150mm pieces
Fox - Electric Woodcutter 450W - Woodworking machines