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All products are accompanied and covered by the guarantee of their official representative in Greece & have a minimum guarantee period of Good Operation of 2 years. Their service is performed by the service departments of the companies or by their authorized service centers throughout Greece.

It is the buyer's responsibility to follow the appropriate operating procedures and to always have the proof of purchase of the product (invoice or proof of retail purchase).

Consumer products purchased with a retail receipt refer to amateur use and have a corresponding 24-month warranty.

Professional products purchased with an invoice are covered by a 12-month warranty.
The warranty does not exist if the following occurs:

Normal product wear
Spare parts that wear naturally during use.
Damage caused in transit.
Damages caused by power failure, phase loss, voltage fluctuation, or voltage supply other than indicated.
Use not in accordance with the purpose and specifications of the machine
Damage caused by incorrect use of the machine (not in accordance with its instructions for use).
Damage caused by the use of parts or accessories not manufactured by the manufacturer or damage resulting from repairs carried out by unauthorized dealers' workshops.
Damage caused by accident, fire, extreme weather, etc.
Damage caused by negligence or poor storage and maintenance of a machine
Damage caused by poor assembly of the machine
Damage caused by poor or incorrect setting other than the setting instructions in the user manual.
Damage or malfunction resulting from improper cleaning of the machine from dust, oils, etc., as well as damage resulting from contact of the machine with chemical liquids, or damage from moisture, corrosion.
The cost of transporting the product (either within or outside the warranty) is borne entirely by the customer.