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Bulle - Professional wet drilling machine 2400W  - Trolleys

Bulle - Professional wet drilling machine 2400W


Product Code: 63471

Manufacturer: Bulle

Category: Trolleys

Manufacturer Warranty: 1 Year

Availability: In stock

Price: 790.00

Bargain for it!
  • Professional heavy duty construction for drilling in concrete, masonry, asphalt and other building materials.
  • It has a reinforced high-strength motor.
  • It comes with a adjustable rigid base (with anchoring or vacuuming) with specially designed grooves that ensure a steady-to-play scroll of the tool - and easy height and pitch adjustment of the drill.
  • A phantom built into the stretcher.
  • It has an anti-electrostatic personal protection switch (PRCD, 16A, 3600W, 10mA, 30ms).
  • With water connection mechanism that enables liquid cuts.
  • Accepts UNC 11/4 threaded diamonds externally, G1 / 2 internally (not included in the price).
  • Included in the package are a set of keys (No. 8/10, 17/19, 24/27, 32/36), lid and elastic base film (mounted on the base) for vacuum holding.

Specifications :

  • Concrete drilling 205mm
  • Power (Watt) 2400
  • Axle UNC1 1/4 ext., G1 / 2 ext.
  • Speed (rpm) 1 (750)
  • Dist. Comp. (mm) 108x37x38
  • Weight K / M (Kg) 31/35
Bulle - Professional wet drilling machine 2400W  - Trolleys